TuneTech Zeus ECU is a direct replacement, plug n play unit.

SKU TuneTech_Zeus_RX8_Plug_n_Play_ECU
Brand EasyTuning
USD 1649
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Based on the MS3 Extreme (made by MSLabs), this ECU is developed by EasyTuning, especially for your RX8.

It's a Plug n Play unit, meaning you will have just to disconned and connect this new unit (and it's associated Bosch wideband Lambda Sensor) to your existing harness, without any modifications needed.

The Black Series RX8 ECU offers advanced 32bit risc technology, multi outputs (up to 8 cylinder engines), and is and ideal unit for any Engine swap.
It retains all factory functions, plus some cool extra functions like launch control, flat shift, nitrous control, water methanol injection control, boost control, map switching and more.

For a complete list of functionality, you can download the specs from here.

Our Stage 0 reflash. The essential reflash that enables features for the longelivity of your RX8.

SKU EZTN-Stage-0
USD 165

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