The Ultimate unbreakable Apex Seals from Goopy Performance.

USD 363
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Genuine Mazda side seals.
Except if otherwise specified, these are uncut long seals and need trimming to suit your application.

USD 198
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Genuine Mazda Corner seals.

USD 154
SKU Mazda_OEM_Corner_Seals
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Genuine Mazda Apex Seal Springs for all 12A, 13B, RX8 or 20B Applications.

USD 88
SKU OEM_Apex_Seals_Springs
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Genuine Mazda Side seal springs.

USD 99
SKU OEM_Side_Seals_Springs
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Genuine Mazda Corner seal springs

USD 50
SKU Mazda_OEM_Corner_Seals_Springs
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Reusable High strength Water Seals.

USD 143
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Goopy Performance Engine Studs 13B

USD 275
SKU Goopy_Performance_Engine_Studs

EasyTuning Superior Engine Studs for all 13B Engines

USD 220
SKU EasyTuning_Engine_Studs